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Litigation Articles

Jeremy Ward and Jennifer Ary Appeal Victory

On October 4, 2019, Jeremy Ward and Jennifer Ary obtained a ruling from the Oklahoma Supreme Court reversing and remanding a judgment adverse to our clients. Our clients, the Plaintiffs, sued Defendant Tamko Building Products in the Oklahoma state court system for the...

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Jeremy Ward and Phillip Wilson Jury Trial Victory

On January 16, 2020, Jeremy Ward and Phillip Wilson obtained a jury verdict in a four-day trial against a highly regarded Tulsa corporation. Our client was on the corporation’s premises and was injured after slipping in an area that had been mopped by an employee. The...

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2019 Super Lawyers

FFQG+R congratulates the following for being named 2019 Super Lawyers: Joe Farris Top 10 Super Lawyer in the State Oklahoma (Professional Liability), Paula Quillin Top 25 Women in the State of Oklahoma (Employment), Curtis Roberts (Family Law), Jason Goodnight...

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Joe Farris and Jill Walker Trial Victory

Joe Farris and Jill Walker recently obtained a defense verdict for our client, an emergency room physician, after a 6 day jury trial in Lawton, Oklahoma. Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant doctor and the hospital (where he worked) were negligent in failing to...

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Jeremy Ward Jury Trial Victory

Jeremy Ward recently obtained a jury trial victory for one of our insurance clients in a first party coverage case. Plaintiff was involved in an automobile accident. At the time of the accident Plaintiff had UIM coverage through his insurance carrier. Plaintiff...

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Jason Goodnight and Jennifer Ary Trial Victory

Jason Goodnight and Jennifer Ary obtained a defense verdict in a wrongful death suit in Leflore County, OK.   Plaintiff claimed the Defendant, an gas producer, had overworked an employee which caused him to fall asleep at the wheel and become involved in a fatality...

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Amended and Revised Oklahoma Civil Jury Instructions

On March 23, 2014 the Oklahoma Supreme Court, based on recommendations by the Oklahoma Supreme Court Committee for Uniform Civil Jury Instructions, adopted 43 new or revised uniform civil jury instructions. In Re: Amendments to the Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instructions,...

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Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Basics

If a doctor, hospital, dentist, or other health care provider makes a mistake, can you sue him or her? Not necessarily. Medical malpractice involves matters of medical science and occurs when “those engag[ed] in the practice of the healing arts,” 76 O.S.2001, § 20.1,...

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Enforcing A Promise When There Is No Contract

By Paula Quillin. The Court in Russell v. Board of County Commissioners, 1997 OK 80, 952 P.2d 492 outlined the elements of the doctrine of promissory estoppel. The Court first noted that "Promissory estoppel, which is grounded in the Restatement (Second) of Contracts...

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