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  1. High caliber and intelligent lawyers, paralegals, and staff that have practical and common sense knowledge of best litigation practices;
  2. Well respected ethical lawyers with substantial experience in high profile and large loss matters;
  3. Services performed by lowest hourly rate personnel qualified for the task when appropriate;
  4. Technology such as video conferencing used to avoid travel expenses when possible;
  5. No charges for filing services;
  6. No charges for transcription or word processing;
  7. No charges for file management;
  8. Voice messages emailed to smart phones when out of the office;
  9. Email available on smart phones while out of the office;
  10. Combine multiple tasks when possible for efficiency;
  11. Twenty-four hour a day service if needed;
  12. Legal assistants available to answer questions when lawyers are out of the office;
  13. Hourly rate discounts for high volume clients;
  14. Specialized training and experience in a number of practice areas;
  15. Accident and casualty response teams;
  16. No block billing; and
  17. No charges for clerical functions.