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The Labor and Employment practice at Franden | Farris | Quillin | Goodnight + Roberts is expansive, encompassing providing labor and employment advice for a company’s daily operations and providing litigation services to employees and employers alike.

The attorneys at Franden | Farris | Quillin | Goodnight + Roberts advise clients on every aspect touching the employer/employee relationship, including compliance with federal and state discrimination and anti-retaliation laws, wage and hour laws, FMLA rights and obligations, workplace safety, employee discipline, termination, reduction in force, employment contracts, employment restrictive covenants, employee handbooks, and workplace policies.

In addition to advising clients on relevant laws pertaining to the day-to-day employment relationship, the firm’s Labor & Employment attorneys are experienced litigators who represent employers and employees in litigation, including representation in both state and federal court, and representation in administrative proceedings before governmental agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office of Civil Rights Enforcement, and the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. The firm’s attorneys also have experience representing clients during governmental investigations conducted by state and federal departments of labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The attorneys at Franden | Farris | Quillin | Goodnight + Roberts work hard with clients to help minimize the legal risks inherent in navigating the employment relationship. By doing so, our attorneys help employers minimize the chance litigation will arise and, if litigation does arise, increase the chances a future dispute can be resolved quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Employment Articles

Wrongful Death Claim by a Parent

Oklahoma, like most states, limits claims for work related injuries to workers compensation injuries.  An injured worker receives compensation for his or her injuries through the workers compensation system, rather than through the courts.  The amount of...

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2019 Super Lawyers

FFQG+R congratulates the following for being named 2019 Super Lawyers: Joe Farris Top 10 Super Lawyer in the State Oklahoma (Professional Liability), Paula Quillin Top 25 Women in the State of Oklahoma (Employment), Curtis Roberts (Family Law), Jason Goodnight...

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Drug Testing by Private Employers in Oklahoma

An employer must adhere to the Oklahoma Statutes governing drug and alcohol testing or it may face civil liability for failing to do so. Private employers are not limited to which categories of employees can be tested; however, employers are only allowed to conduct a...

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When the Client Isn’t Right

Business owners, more often than not, try to abide by the maxim: “The customer is always right.”  Abiding by that maxim, however, may land a business in the middle of a discrimination lawsuit filed by an employee. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits...

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Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

Employers have a legitimate interest in protecting their business as much as possible in case employees leave the company with business and client information. As such, not surprisingly, non-compete agreements are becoming commonplace in employment relationships....

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Setting up a Tax Exempt Nonprofit in Oklahoma

The government likes tax money. Consequently, setting up a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation takes significantly more time, effort, and paperwork than forming a for-profit business entity. The rewards that come from gaining tax-exempt status, however, are well worth...

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