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“Cybersecurity – the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.”

Jeremy Ward is giving a presentation on Cybersecurity threats facing the construction industry to the ALFA International Construction Practice Group in Banff, Alberta on July 26, 2018.  Jeremy and fellow specialists David Tomlinson, Rochanne Keane, Jake Kouns, David Draper, and Richard Gatz will discuss the current and emerging cyber risks challenging the design and construction industry.  The panelists will provide oral and written strategies for digital risk mitigation to claims counsel, outside counsel, in-house counsel, executives, experts, and industry consultants.

The massive customer data breach incurred by Target was initiated through a phishing email sent to a mechanical contractor that was a vendor for Target.  Sony’s PlayStation was hacked allowing the release of customer account information stored in a database.  After the PlayStation hack, the criminal hackers were bold enough to hijack PlayStation’s twitter account to broadcast their breach asking PlayStation to contact the hackers.  In Germany, hackers gained access to a production network in a steel mill and compromised the control systems resulting in a blast furnace being unable to properly shut down.  Recently, our firm was targeted by hackers transmitting spoof emails from client email addresses.  If the attachments were opened, the attachments would transmit a costly computer virus.

Every day your business is targeted by digital criminals.  Often these criminals are outside the United States and immune from prosecution.  All data indicates the threats will increase exponentially due to the vast amount of digital information shared among portable devices used by every person in your organization.  Supporting the expectations, our firm is handling an ever increasing amount of cybersecurity litigation.  Don’t allow your company to be the next victim and cybersecurity defendant.

Our firm has experience assisting businesses in their implementation of cybersecurity policies, procedures, and best practices.  In addition, we facilitate mock cyber threats to test implementation of your policies, assist with cybersecurity audits, and consult as needed when new cyber threats are discovered.  Contact us today before it’s too late.