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Every Oklahoma company must continuously maintain a registered office in Oklahoma, which may be the same as its principal place of business, and a registered agent in Oklahoma for service of process.  If no office is maintained in the state on a continuous basis the entity must be registered as a foreign company to operate business in the state and is still required to have a registered agent.  The registered agent (also called resident agent) must be either 1) an individual resident of Oklahoma; 2) a domestic or a qualified foreign corporation; 3) a domestic or qualified limited liability company; or 4) a domestic or qualified limited partnership.

An Oklahoma company may be its own registered agent.  The registered agent of an Oklahoma company must maintain a business office that is open during regular business hours to accept service of process and otherwise perform the functions of a registered agent.  Many companies appoint lawyers, the Oklahoma Secretary of State, or companies who act as registered agents (for a fee) to function as their service agent.  If a limited liability company has no registered agent or the registered agent can not be found, then service of process on the company may be made by serving the Oklahoma Secretary of State. 

Most lawyers charge a yearly fee for acting as a registered agent for a company.  Franden Farris on the other hand does not.  Contact us and we are happy to be your appointed service agent.