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Unanimous defense verdict in a medical malpractice case tried to a jury in Bryan County District Court. Joe Farris and Sarah Buchan represented an E.R. physician that saw the patient on the initial E.R. presentation. Based on the presentation, evaluation, lab results, and x-ray results, there were no signs of acute bacterial meningitis, let alone a deep muscle infection, on the initial presentation to the E.R. Despite this fact, Plaintiff contended that the cause of the 4 year old’s low back pain and reported fever was not a myofascial strain as diagnosed by the E.R. physicians, but rather a deep muscle infection.  Plaintiff contended that had there been a proper diagnoses at the E.R., the Decedent would have received intravenous antibiotics and the alleged infection would not have caused bacterial Meningitis leading to the 4 year old’s death three days later. The jury found that the E.R. doctors’ care and diagnosis of acute lumbar myofascial strain and acute upper respiratory tract infection was appropriate and within the applicable standard of care.  No malpractice occurred.