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Why You Should Consider Hiring Franden | Farris | Quillin | Goodnight + Roberts

High caliber and intelligent lawyers, paralegals, and staff that have practical and common sense knowledge of best litigation practices; Well respected ethical lawyers with substantial experience in high profile and large loss matters; Services performed by lowest hourly rate personnel qualified for the task when appropriate; Technology such as video conferencing used to avoid travel […]

2019 Super Lawyers

FFQG+R congratulates the following for being named 2019 Super Lawyers: Joe Farris Top 10 Super Lawyer in the State Oklahoma (Professional Liability), Paula Quillin Top 25 Women in the State of Oklahoma (Employment), Curtis Roberts (Family Law), Jason Goodnight (Transportation), Jody Nathan (Insurance Coverage), and Jeremy Ward Super Lawyer Rising Star (Product Liability).

Joe Farris and Jill Walker Trial Victory

Joe Farris and Jill Walker recently obtained a defense verdict for our client, an emergency room physician, after a 6 day jury trial in Lawton, Oklahoma. Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant doctor and the hospital (where he worked) were negligent in failing to diagnose an arterial occlusion in her lower leg. Plaintiff alleged that she […]

Jeremy Ward Jury Trial Victory

Jeremy Ward recently obtained a jury trial victory for one of our insurance clients in a first party coverage case. Plaintiff was involved in an automobile accident. At the time of the accident Plaintiff had UIM coverage through his insurance carrier. Plaintiff proceeded with litigation against the person who caused the accident, then claimed the […]

Jason Goodnight and Jennifer Ary Trial Victory

Jason Goodnight and Jennifer Ary obtained a defense verdict in a wrongful death suit in Leflore County, OK. Plaintiff claimed the Defendant, an gas producer, had overworked an employee which caused him to fall asleep at the wheel and become involved in a fatality collision several hours later.

Joe Farris and Paula Quillin Trial and Appeal Victory

On April 4, 2019, the Court of Civil Appeals of the State of Oklahoma affirmed a judgment obtained for our clients through trial and briefing by Joe Farris and Paula Quillin. Our client, the Plaintiff, sued Defendants for fraud/deceit, conversion, tortious interference with contract, tortious interference with business opportunity, and breach of fiduciary duty.             […]

Oklahoma Registered Agent & Office

Every Oklahoma company must continuously maintain a registered office in Oklahoma, which may be the same as its principal place of business, and a registered agent in Oklahoma for service of process. If no office is maintained in the state on a continuous basis the entity must be registered as a foreign company to operate […]

Driving Under the Influence – What Is Your Next Step?

Driving Under the Influence – What is your next step? Arrested and accused by the police of DUI? Scared? You might be asking yourself, “what’s next?” These are the first steps you should take to give yourself the best chance for a positive outcome in a tough situation. 1 – Write Everything Down and Do […]

Drug Testing by Private Employers in Oklahoma

An employer must adhere to the Oklahoma Statutes governing drug and alcohol testing or it may face civil liability for failing to do so. Private employers are not limited to which categories of employees can be tested; however, employers are only allowed to conduct a test pursuant to a detailed written policy and can only […]

When the Client Isn’t Right

Business owners, more often than not, try to abide by the maxim: “The customer is always right.” Abiding by that maxim, however, may land a business in the middle of a discrimination lawsuit filed by an employee. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, […]

Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

Employers have a legitimate interest in protecting their business as much as possible in case employees leave the company with business and client information. As such, not surprisingly, non-compete agreements are becoming commonplace in employment relationships. While the general rule is that parties can contract for anything they want, a contract restricting business competition may […]

Cybersecurity Procedures – Protect Your Data

“Cybersecurity – the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.” Jeremy Ward is giving a presentation on Cybersecurity threats facing the construction industry to the ALFA International Construction Practice Group in Banff, Alberta on July 26, 2018. Jeremy and fellow specialists David […]

SEC investigation, subpoenas not a “claim” 10th Circuit, Colorado (unpublished)

MusclePharm v. Liberty , involved an SEC investigation of MusclePharm. The SEC issued subpoenas to some of MusclePharm’s people. Summary judgment to Liberty was affirmed. The SEC investigation was not a claim as defined in the policy. The Tenth Circuit also denied motions to seal the records, and stated the bias towards open records.

Summary judgment granted on grounds not raised by the parties is reversed, 10th Cir. Okla

In Oldham v. O.K. Farms, the Tenth Circuit reversed the trial court’s summary judgment granted on grounds not raised by the parties. The Court stated: The rules of civil procedure permit a district court to grant a summary judgment motion “on grounds not raised by a party,” but only “[a]fter giving notice and a reasonable […]

No UM subrogation against excess carrier — Oklahoma

In Raymond v. Taylor, 2017 OK 80, the Oklahoma Supreme Court said the UM carrier could not subrogate against the tortfeasor’s excess policy. Raymond was killed while a passenger in a truck driven by Taylor, which was in an accident with a truck driven by Bedell. Both Raymond and Taylor were employees of Guy’s Seed. […]