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practice areas

Bad Faith

Bad Faith is a tort that arises from an insurance contract.  Under Oklahoma law, insurance companies have a duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing to their insureds.

Class Actions

A class action is a specific type of lawsuit whereby a group of plaintiffs are represented collectively by a member of that group—the class representative.

Commercial Transactions

FFQGR+W has a transactional practice to assist clients with every stage of commercial transactions ranging from simple to extremely complex and high value.


Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding through which a debtor—whether an individual or a business—seeks the Court’s protection from creditors by having its debts discharged or reorganized.


A contract is a promise or set of promises for some performance or obligation.  Whether a contract is enforceable will depend on a number of factors.


Defamation can happen in many different forms from oral to written.  Our lawyers have extensive experiance dealing with all kinds of defamatory statements and actions.

Business Transactions

Buy-sell agreements, real estate leases, asset acquisitions, employment and severance agreements, subsidiary and affiliate companies, and service and vendor agreements.


Corporate law is a general practice that includes everyday transactions, which typically includes a company’s business transactions.



The law has created protected classes that cannot be legally discriminated against such as age, gender, nationality, and race.  We can assist with all discrimination legal issues that arise.


The Labor and Employment practice is expansive, encompassing advice for a company’s daily operations and providing litigation services to employees and employers alike.


The Firm has experience defending and representing both individuals and business entities, in matters involving civil fraud and fraudulent misrepresentations.

Professional Liability

We have significant experience defending professionals against allegations of liability in areas such as malpractice and negligence.

Estate Planning

The firm assists clients with the preparation of wills, trusts, advance directives, powers of attorney, succession planning, and asset protection for future generations.

Insurance Coverage

The Firm consistently provides aid to insurance companies, business entities, and individuals regarding matters of coverage, policies, and insurance litigation.


We have significant experience working with clients to help achieve the completion and settlement of their family member’s estate, whether by will or intestacy.

Family Law

FFQGR+W has a highly regarded family law practice group that handles fairly amicable separations to high net worth contentious divorces.


For nearly a century, FFQGR+W litigators have handled matters in every phase of the litigation process.  The Firm has experience in both local and national matters.

Product Liability

FFQGR+W represents clients in product liability matters, specifically handling claims pertaining to transportation, construction, heavy equipment, and medical devices.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, unfair competition, trade secrets, and digital work.  The right to own IP is a body of law to protect inventions and various forms of artistic and scientific inventions and expression.


A tort is a civil (non-criminal) injury, other than a breach of contract, that results in damages to a person or property. Common areas of tort law are personal injury, malpractice, negligence, wrongful death, and product liability.

Entertainment Law

Attorneys who practice entertainment law must have a broad knowledge of many areas of law, including contract negotiations, labor and union laws, corporate finance, intellectual property, media law, and antitrust law.


We advise clients on transactions related to the generation, management, and transfer of assets and debt instruments. Examples of assets and debt instruments are stocks, partnership units, bonds, loans, mortgages, investments, and purchases by financial institutions.

Wage & Hour Claims

We have played an important role in labor relation matters, providing assistance to both the employee and company. We also assist with employee handbooks, contracts, and severance arrangements.


We can help you establish paternity and put in place child support orders to ensure your child is properly supported by his or her actual parent.


We handle subrogation in the insurance sector, especially auto insurance policies and workers compensation.  A subrogation interest occurs when the insurance carrier takes on the financial burden of its insured as a result of an accident and seeks repayment from the at-fault party.

Worker Compensation

Workers compensation can include medical expenses, lost wages during the time of injury or illness, and temporary and permanent disability or impairment.


FFQGR+W can assist with digital and cybersecurity litigation, creation and implementation of cybersecurity policies, best practices and audits.

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